What is the type of the text above?

What is the type of the text above?


The question above is often seen or found in the reading comprehension exercise. It inquires the kind of text in the exercise itself so the reader needs to identify the sort of text provided in there.


To answer such question, of course one has to read through the text first, find out the main idea, the intention of the writer in writing such context, to the end, before finally identify it. As it has been taught in the class, there are various kind of text. Here are the main ones to distinguish:

  • Narrative text: focusing on the story
  • Recount text: focusing on the personal experience
  • Procedural text: focusing on the steps or procedure or ways of making something
  • Descriptive text: focusing on the description of something, a place person etc
  • Expository text: focusing on the explanation on something, a certain issue etc.
  • Report text: focusing on reporting the research, observation, survey etc

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